Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lifelong Learning

I'm really excited about SPL taking on this project - I remember reading about PLCMC's project in LJ or something and thinking "Wow, I wish we could do something similar..." The library I worked at at that time did do some technologically innovative things (early adopters of Twitter, sending overdue and holds notices via text message, etc.), but there was no encouragement of all staff to be involved in the process. I think the power of the SPL version is that we all (staff at all levels and all agencies) get to take part, and it's led to some interesting discussions here at my branch already. It ties in well with the new service model, and our customer-driven approach.

So that being said, it's only gonna be as good as each learner makes it. So the 7 1/2 habits are important to keep in mind. I think #1 Beginning with the end in mind is the one that sticks with me the most (at least today). I think if I had had that piece of advice earlier in my learning lifetime, I would have made different choices, or at least enjoyed the process more. In my earlier days, I prided myself in being a good student, and learning quickly, only to find as an adult that I can't really utilize the concepts I learned. Rote learning and parroting back information isn't the same as internalizing skills and deploying them. Meaningful authentic learning is a whole different animal, and for me it takes lots of hands-on practice. So I guess the end I have in mind is to be able to USE the skills I play with here in a meaningful way.


  1. I agree whole-heartedly. The idea is actually learning how to use the skills. And playing with them is the best way to do it. Watching someone else do something - listening to someone else tell you how to do something - reading about someone else doing something - they just don't work the same way that actually doing the thing yourself does.

    And having all of us participate *does* tie in well with the new service model.
    I am getting excited about our doing this now.