Friday, April 24, 2009

Alone at the Library

So I know I'm supposed to be blogging about image generators and news feeds, but something has happened that hasn't ever happened in my 20 year library career before today. I'm alone in the library. I'm on the fourth day of a job swap, and instead of a bustling workroom full of staff and volunteers, I am all by myself this morning. This has me reflecting on the many functions we do at work, and how different our experiences are at different places. My most recent job was in a large downtown library, and I couldn't enter the building unless someone had already been in - I didn't have a key to the alarm. Most of my work experiences have been in places with circ/ref separation, and ne'er the twain shall meet. But here, this morning, it's just me. I get to do the pick list, unpack the delivery, unload the book drop, and lots of other jobs that don't usually occur in a normal work day. It's more in-my-body, up the stairs, down the stairs, lift the bin, etc. And definitely low-tech. Which is not a bad thing on this Friday morning.


  1. I hope you're enjoying the change of pace. I know your counterpart is.

  2. That's what swapping is all about - learning about all the OTHER stuff needed to make libraries go round.