Friday, May 1, 2009

photoplay is important, right?

So I've been playing this week. There are a million tools out there that I never even knew I needed. Looked at all the flickr toys imaginable, along with color sorting, bead pictures, trading cards, south park studios, reading cooking, library and other blogs. And I Hockney-ized my kids.

Here is an example from my life of how all this image-management is changing: When my first child was born 12 years ago, I took lots and lots of baby pictures. With a film camera. When my second child was born 8 years ago, we had lost the film camera, and so all his baby pictures are taken with disposable box cameras (I don't recommend this...). When my third child was born almost 6 years ago, we had a digital camera. I took tons and tons and tons of pictures of him. But there are no photos of him in my house. Why? Because they are on the hard drive of my computer. They're still there, and somewhere on Snapfish there's an album I went through and sorted and arranged of his baby pictures, if only I could remember my password... I feel like the current Mac/PC commercial where they're talking about how to organize photos. I fear this makes me John Hodgman.